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5 Years Old (at 1 July)

Our Pre-Primary Program at Sonja Dene Dance Studios is designed to ignite the love for dance in budding performers aged 5 years old! This comprehensive program includes Ballet, Jazz, and AcroDance classes, offering a well-rounded dance education that nurtures creativity, technique, and confidence.

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Pre Primary Ballet.JPG

Our Pre-Primary Ballet classes focus on nurturing their creativity, coordination, and confidence through imaginative movement and music. Your little dancer will develop basic ballet techniques while having fun and making new friends in a supportive environment. 


Our specially tailored classes introduce young dancers to the vibrant world of Jazz, focusing on developing rhythm, coordination, and musicality in a fun and energetic setting. Your little dancer will learn basic Jazz techniques while exploring different movements and styles. 


Our AcroDance classes blend the grace of dance with the excitement of acrobatics, introducing young learners to a world of balance, flexibility, and fun. Students explore basic acrobatic movements, tumbling, and balancing exercises in a safe and supportive environment.

Thaleah S

"It is difficult to find a studio that fosters a safe, supportive, nurturing and respectful learning environment; SDDS does just that."

Kitty Zhang

"SDDS is a dance wonderland for kids! The vibrant atmosphere and caring staff create a positive and supportive space."

Caron Semrov

"Beautiful dance studio & we recommend to all. Professional & caring faculty who go above & beyond for students & their families."
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