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Grade 3

9 Years Old (at 1 July)

Dive into the Grade 3 Program at Sonja Dene Dance Studios, where budding dancers aged 9 years old embark on an exciting dance journey! Our dynamic program offers a rich blend of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, and Acrobatics classes, tailored to inspire growth and artistic development.

Grade 3 ballet.JPG
Grade 3 ballet.JPG

Our ballet classes follow the esteemed Royal Aacdemy of Dance syllabus, focusing on classical technique, grace, and artistry. Optional annual exams offer students a chance to showcase their skills and progress. the syllabus. Our Open Classical class gives students the opportunity to broaden their skill set.

Musical Theatre

Dive into the world of Musical Theatre with our Musical Theatre class. This class combines singing, acting, and dancing to create magical stage moments. Students develop skills in storytelling, stage presence, and characterisation. Discover the joy of performing Broadway-style routines while building confidence and creativity.


Unleash the rhythm in our  Jazz classes at Sonja Dene Dance Studios!  Designed for young dancers, these classes explore the energetic world of jazz with dynamic movements and fun choreography. Led by our expert faculty of teachers, students learn proper technique, style, and coordination while grooving to upbeat tunes.


Soar to new heights in our Acrobatics classes. Guided by the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, this class combines the grace of dance with the thrill of acrobatics. Students learn tumbling, balancing, and flexibility exercises in a safe and supportive environment. Develop strength, coordination, and confidence while mastering exciting acro skills.

Tap Dancer

Step into the rhythmic world of Tap with our Tap classes! Tailored for young dancers, these classes introduce students to the exciting art of tap dance. Led by our skilled team and following the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus, students learn rhythmic footwork, syncopation, and precision while exploring various tap styles.


Strengthen and condition with our Conditioning class. This class focuses on building core strength, flexibility, and endurance using the Progressing Ballet Technique system. Students engage in fun and challenging exercises to improve dance technique and overall fitness. Enhance stamina, coordination, and muscle tone in a supportive and motivating environment.

Thaleah S

"It is difficult to find a studio that fosters a safe, supportive, nurturing and respectful learning environment; SDDS does just that."

Kitty Zhang

"SDDS is a dance wonderland for kids! The vibrant atmosphere and caring staff create a positive and supportive space."

Caron Semrov

"Beautiful dance studio & we recommend to all. Professional & caring faculty who go above & beyond for students & their families."
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