Sonja Dene Dance Studios

your leading Studio of the Hills District, Sydney, NSW

Welcome to Sonja Dene Dance Studios

Miss SonjaQuite simply, we love dance! We know the reason why children want to dance, they want to fly around like a fairy, walk like a princess, command a ship and twirl like a falling snowflake.

As parents we see greatness and individuality in our children so we encourage confidence and imagination, we want to capture memorable pictures and above all to see them smile. As a school we create all these things that last a life time. Why? Because we love dance and the endless list of benefits it brings to the healthy development of your child’s bright future.

sdds 302016 will mark a significant year for SDDS, celebrating 30 years in the industry and proudly contributing our knowledge and expertise to encourage well educated, responsible and independent young dancers and professionals in many high achieving careers.

It is not through chance that the studio has grown from strength to strength over these 30 years. It’s by

  • complete commitment to training highly skilled classical dancers with respect to historical methods and current developments, together with
  • nurturing the youngest of minds that are so impressionable yet open to explore new experiences.

We have, with deliberate thought, created an environment that is safe, cultivates individuality and promotes a healthy balanced platform designed to identify your child’s aspirations through their eyes.

We offer you 30 years of unquestionable knowledge, a faculty of dedicated and qualified professionals who have grown with the school, all in a purpose designed studio. Together, we offer you the right ingredients with the assurance that we want the same for your child as you do and we will foster a love of dance that equals ours.

Visit the Gallery to catch a glimpse of our student’s award winning achievements and performances, find more information about our programs and timetables, about our faculty and contact us if you need more information.

We invite you to visit our Studios at any time or contact me directly for more information.

Sonja Dene