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vbcTransition Course for Vocational Students

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This Program has been developed by popular request and is designed for those students pursuing a career in dance who would like additional coaching, guidance and preparation.

transition courseThe classes are intended to complement your current training regime (regardless of which syllabus you are undertaking) and are conducted by qualified teachers specialising in their areas of expertise.

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Classical Technique
  • Pointe Technique
  • Variations/Repertoire
  • Pilates
  • Swiss Ball
  • Resistance Cables
  • Theraband
  • Elements of Advanced Syllabus
  • Free Enchaînement
  • Introduction to Pas De Deux

The Core Focus - Technical proficiency

RAD syllabus, free enchaînement’s, Classical Technique and sequencing


Supplementary training with Pilates, Swiss Ball, Theraband and Resistance Cables

Exploring Artistry

Through various music genres, building confidence in order to allow free and natural expression, interpretation and style


19th and 20th Century Classical Variations, solo choreography, refining, partner work, Pas De Deux, groups, characterisation


Using a range of classical movement, vocabulary and other elements such as use of space, timing, and quality in response to music, to express an idea or emotion


Anatomy as it applies to ballet including self-correction, analysis of corrections from tutors, advice and support, ballet terminology.

Use this link for more info at the VBCNSW site