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JCPJunior Coaching Program - Courses

The Junior Coaching Program is one of the paths that students take towards a career in dance. We offer Night time classes with Sonja Dene Dance Studios which houses the The Junior Coaching Program, and we have a full time facility: Vocational Ballet College NSW that offers a Transition Course and a Full Time Diploma Course catered to High School aged students.


jcp7Recognising that students have varying growth and developmental milestones and, at this pivotal time in their dance training, we have developed this program to fill a gap.

The Junior Coaching Program course is designed to extend select students with the purpose of providing additional coaching in topics and areas that are not in a regular class setting - students who demonstrate the desire and aptitude for classical ballet and have consistently excelled in exams and technical understanding benefit from this style of coaching.

Invitees to the JCP have various areas of focus. These additional sessions allow us to safely and carefully assist them and work towards achieving these objectives.

Class sizes are kept to a minimum in order to maximise students’ comprehension and understanding of each topic. Homework is part of the course and relates to each topic with group analysis and an end of term test.


Suach as 

  • Classical Ballet Technique Introduction to kinaesthetic awareness, alignment, balance, control and coordination
  • Classical Ballet Terminology - Extending the students current level of skill and understanding of complex movements to develop and enhance their knowledge
  • Introductory Anatomy Theory - Within the context of dance
  • Complimentary Training - Swiss Ball, Thera Band, Resistance Cables, Therapeutic Mat


Such as

  • Posture/Weight Placement
  • Artistry
  • Performance Anxiety/Emotion Colour wheel
  • Mime for Dance/ Improvisation
  • Turnout/Anatomy/Synovial Joints
  • Rhythm/Musicality
  • Technique and Terminology
  • Habits of Mind
  • Self-Analysis

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